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Law School Grants

An excellent career choice for many people is to become a lawyer. Lawyers are an integral part of our legal system as well ensuring our nation’s businesses are run legally, efficiently, and ethically.

Because of this, lawyers are well compensated and are always in demand. To become a lawyer, an individual will need to spend at least 3 years in law school, which is normally completed within a few years of completing a bachelor’s degree.

Unfortunately, going to law school can be quite expensive. Many law schools will cost between $150,000 and $200,000 for completion. This, when combined with a four year undergraduate program, could costs student over $300,000 to complete their education. For many people, this is not a financially feasible option.

Most students are required to take out student loans, borrow money from family, or try and get an academic scholarship. One option which can be difficult to obtain, but requires no form of repayment is a law school grant.

A law school grant is a sum of money that is paid by some organization to a student to help pay for their law school related expenses. Grants are different that scholarships in a few different ways. The main difference between a grant and a scholarship is that grants do not require any performance from a student after they receive the money.

A scholarship often requires the student to maintain a certain grade point average or participate in a certain activity. As long as the grant money is used for the payment of education related expenses, the recipient does not have any further responsibilities.


Since grants are an excellent source of paying for law school and require no repayment, they can be quite difficult to receive. There are only a limited amount of grants available and an abundance of students who are hoping to receive them. The best thing a potential student can do to get a law school grant is to research and apply for as many law school grants as possible.

There are many organizations who give out law school grants. The first organization that gives out grants is the law schools themselves. This may be the best spot to find grants because the schools can take the grant proceeds and directly pay down the student’s tuition related expenses. To find out more information regarding a school’s grant programs, a student should first contact the school’s financial aid office.

Each law school will have a form called a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is used to apply for grants. It would be best to apply for the law school’s available grants as early as possible because there is significant competition for these grants.

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