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Grants & Assistance For The Homeless

If you’re homeless or facing homelessness, you’re probably in one of the hardest periods of your life. Losing your home is a devastating experience; living without a home is dangerous and demoralizing. A life event of this magnitude can easily trigger a downward spiral that’s difficult to break, even if you still have a source of income.

So where do you go from here? Homelessness is difficult, no doubt about it, but it doesn’t have to break you. Millions of Americans have broken out of homelessness and gone on to stability, security, and happiness. You can do the same. There is help out there if you know where to look for it. These programs exist to help people in need, but many of the people who need them most never use them, either because they aren’t aware of them or because they are reluctant to ask for help. There’s no shame in asking for help when you need it, especially when you have a family, and we urge anyone who is homeless or facing homelessness to use these resources to the fullest.

Let’s look at some of the most useful resources for people who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless. Many of these programs are administered on the local level. That’s a good thing because it allows communities to design services for their needs. It can also make things a little harder if you’re looking for help because no single central place connects all the available services. Be sure to look at the private organizations listed at the end of this article, as they can help you use the often more complicated government services!

Links to all organizations mentioned are at the end of this article.

Government Assistance

The US government has many programs designed to help the homeless and prevent homelessness, but individuals will almost never approach a Federal agency directly. Most Federal programs involve funding for state and local agencies or private groups that administer programs. To take advantage of these programs, you’ll need to locate those groups. Fortunately, that’s not hard to do. Start with the Dept. of Housing & Urban Development’s Homelessness Assistance page. Select your state, and you’ll get county to county breakdowns of active programs and the organizations that administer them.

Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) administers programs serving homeless people with mental illness, including substance abuse disorders. If you have suffered from mental illness or if substance abuse is part of the reason for your homelessness, PATH should be the first stop in your quest for help. Again, the PATH program funds many state and local agencies that deliver services. Search for your local outlet at PATH’s locator site; the link is at the end of this article.

Cooperative Agreements to Benefit Homeless Individuals (CABHI) is another program that supports the expansion and development of community efforts to provide permanent housing and integrate treatment services. CABHI grants for individuals who are dealing with substance, mental, or co-occurring disorders are awarded competitively for up to 3 years. Again, the program is administered at the community level, and the services available in your community may vary. Inquire with your local PATH provider for more information.

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  1. We.will.be

  2. Yea they talk about all these places who offer help but they never actually help. I’m dying of cancer and aids and by the time they help I’ll be dead.

  3. I need help paying for my Motel stay from 13th of April to the 26th of April. I’m homeless if I don’t pay it by tonight or tomorrow morning at 10 am I will be out on the Street. Shelters are all filled. I’m staying at the Budget Inn Motel Rte 11 South their phone number is My name is Karen Williams. My #

  4. Kimberly Douglas

    I gad been in a relationship for a little over six yeats. Its been abusive an i did nit know it . the relationship got worse and worse from stealing from me to cheating. Constantly. I wiuld take things to avoud being himeless this jus made him see i needed him so he was a terrible person to just me.well moving forward i have keft and i do not want to return he has found me an is. Wanting me to come back sone days are quiet and then ither days he is threatening crying yelling. Making it hard to consentrate on work on my survival but asuring me he has not changed im homeless im in a motel. But tgis is expensive. An temporaty i dont know what to do i need a place of my own i work. Full time as a call center coustomer service rep.Yet i. Do not make enought to pay for first. And deposite im trying to find any resources if any.

    • Hi,
      Your Department of Social Services (DPSS) can help you with deposit and last month rent. Also, they will give you money for deposits on starting your utilities. They call it moving expenses. Doesnt matter if you already get cash and food stamps. Moving expenses are on top of what you already get. If you have children you can get this from your Cal Works worker. If you dont have kids you can get it from your GR worker. If you dont get government assistance you can still get just the moving assistance.

      If you are getting aid already they will pay up to 4 weeks of hotel for you. Now, they even include Air BNB. Go late morning. That way you have enough time to get everything they need YOU CAN GET THE MONEY THAT SAME DAY! i hope this helps a bit.

  5. My name is Dorothy Cullum I am homeless I have two children an 11 year old and a 19 year old that is in college most of the time that is where he lives I’m in need of housing in the surrounding counties in Mississippi oktibbeha County Clay County or Webster County my phone number is thank you I’m in need of help ASAP

  6. I have been in a abrusive mentally emotionally and physically for 15 yrs and pasy3 yrs homeless I am female 54 yrs old I did help to get away .someone said I can get help for a hotel rm to stay too

  7. We are a interracial couple with a dog that became homeless a couple of months back apartment burned down and we’ve been trying to make it every since but we can not make it anymore my partner cannot go to work without no. Boots and no sleep and my dog is dehydrated I just don’t know what to do can you help me please Pasadena Tx

  8. Iam homelesss i live in the streets of nyc iam disabled i use a walker to get around iwas hoping someone could help me find a hotel

  9. Steve Thorwaldson

    Mmy future wife was stranded by auto accident in Ghana, she was put in hospital after collision on way to airport. Her visa is about to expire. If you can assist with her flight here, I will repay debt in full. Thank you!

  10. I’m a 42 year old male in scottsburg, Indiana I was made homeless by my ex wife a few weeks back, but I have been working so I’ve been living in hotels, well my boss took a vacation leaving me with zero income, no vehicle and very little money, I have no family willing to help and no friends, I have five days before I am in complete crisis mode, I need help, I have more stuff than I can carry none of it worth much..I really don’t know what to do but can’t begin to think I can be homeless, it’s very depressing and hopeless feeling, I’m not sure I can bare it..help me please, I have a job but I’m not making any money this week because of bosses vacation I merely need one week room paid and that would buy me the time I need to make some money,

  11. I am glad I found this sight I suffer from mental illness I am duel diagnosed I have been homeless for a while now also a victim of domestic abuse I was about to give up on ever being anything but on the street unable to get back on my feet reading this has renewed my hope Please I need help someone please HELP ME!!

  12. Homeless have no where to go or what to do. All my family hates me and have no one to even talk to. Have a 5 year old son that cant see and just want to get on my feet but how when liven on the streets. Cqnt get a job becouse homeless and not a car to get there or sleep in just need. Help

  13. No help really. That is why so many are dying on the streets. I am planning to die as that is all I can afford to do.

  14. Homeless living in my car with my dog
    Collect social security but was scammed out of a loan I tried to get my social security goes to pay back loan
    No shelters here take dogs not sure what I can do

  15. I’m having difficulty in being approved for apt due to assault on my record. Also in keeping my job– was recently fired ( assault happened 15 months ago, i had apt 1 month ago but moved. I can’t get approved anywhere. My ex boss found out about assault also).
    Is there any agencies, organization that will work with me w Assault? Maybe on ” trial period”. Im in hotel but don’t have $ to continue staying here. Most jobs are done online so its seen immediately background. Please respond w helpful info. Thanks So much.

  16. I’m in Colorado and just released from I m prison. I have nowhere to go and need assistance. I tried all programs a and no help.

  17. I’m living in a women’s battered shelter with my 8 year old daughter because my low life husband has been using me as a punching bag. I’m disabled I receive $740 a month as because I’m suffering two kinds of cancer. If there’s any one out there that Cate and can help please help us!

  18. I am homeless with a 5 a nd 6 yr old boys i am staying in a hotel and when i cant i stay in the car

  19. About to be homeless im 24 work 40 hours a week but dont make enough to cover all the bills on my own anywhere i can turn to

  20. Left abusive relationship now homeless in ok

  21. Debbie yerkes I’m homeless to and pay for my $56.00 tp Econo motel room one more night and broken and no food at all .till next month. I need help paying for my rent at the Econo motel please help me today . checking out by 11:00am

  22. Will someone help me get income and my home ??

  23. I am a 54 yr old widow who had open heart surgery and have a lot of other medical problems that Dr’s are amazed I am still here .And myself and my medically needy chaweenie Zeus are grateful and feeling Blessed every morning when we wake up on the concrete picnic table we sleep on . Because we are homeless. Harvey took my home and my service dog landlord decided he wasn’t going to fix it yes we have been homeless since Harvey almost a yr .we had a car to sleep in but the finance company took it .after my husband died I have been trying to survive on $750. My ssi a month which means we can’t afford all the deposits. So I am making this plea. Prayer for devine intervention . please help us .
    God bless you

  24. My boyfriend and I are homeless, I work part-time and works full-time both under the table. With the cost of motels , we can’t seem. to save the first and last. Is there any where we can get help? Please

  25. Give the dog some water.

  26. I living in the motel 6 and can’t afford to paid for the rest of the month me and my sister both sick and being 56 and 57 years old without coats will be scary let living in the streets.please help if you can we in the williouby Ohio until Monday last day.thank you

  27. Jannette M Callahan

    Im 56 female had to get away from 18 year mental,physical relationship. On Social Security Disability ck once month. Living in my truck. No food/money till 10/26 get ck.need a place to live. No insurance on truck avoid getting pulled over

  28. I have copd and was out of work for awhile and I ran out of money now my landlord is putting me out I have been to all my resource but its like no one want to help me my rent is 790$ and I got a three day notice on the 11th i can’t take much more of this

  29. Michelle Vanriper

    My family and I are from Kansas we left there because of our drug addition and mental and physical abuse. Now we live in our car with our 16 year old son in woodland ca. Can’t get no help someone please help us we’ve been this way for 4 months now

  30. I pray for each one of you who commented here.
    I am homeless now for 4 yrs. So hard to find perm jobs, affordable apts. May God help each one of you. People don’t realize what time it is.

  31. I need help. Im in a situation where im homeless. I need help with a hotel voucher here in hobbs, new mexico. Please can u help me asap.

  32. Have 2 days to find a place to live and no income and a therapy dog and married

  33. Would like to be contacted by someone with the PATH program

  34. It’s me my wife and three mentally disabled kids my 15yrcold is homeschooled because of her mental condition. My son is currently in a public schools where we are fighting for special education placement and my 4*yr old toddler is ready to begin school I have letters from doctor and clinician which state that it’s best I’f we stay in the area have plenty ofcdr note’s. My oldest was rapped and justice was not served that changed are life around. What can we do we r homeless because my landlord wanted to sell

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