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Art Scholarships & Grants

For students who wish to pursue a course of study in the arts, many scholarships and grant opportunities are available.

Scholarships and grants are available for the study of Fine Arts, Music, Dance, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and many other art forms.

To apply for the grants and scholarships listed, check the website or resource for the award and make note of the application requirements and deadlines for submission.


Scholarships are usually always merit-based, which means the scholarship requires the applicant to compete in an application process, an essay contest or a performance competition. Grants, on the other hand, may be need-based or merit-based. Grants may also be based on a proposal for a project, good academic standing or other criteria.

Grants and scholarships are not loans so the recipient does not pay back the funds as long as they abide by the terms of the grant or scholarship. Violation of terms often means the recipient must pay back the funds.


Music scholarships and grants may be directed at a certain population or course of study. For example, some scholarships and grants are available only to individuals who live in a certain state. Other scholarships and grants target music education or pastoral music studies. Still other funding is based in the course of study, such as the study of classical music.


Music scholarships are available through many foundations and organizations. For those students seeking professional education in Music, several grants and scholarships are available. However, some grants and scholarships are not just for those studying at the college level. Even scholarships for elementary and high school students are available, as well.


SBO Magazine Essay Contest and Scholarship

The School Band and Orchestra magazine sponsors a yearly scholarship contest that requires participants to compete with a written essay for a one of 10 awards for $1,000. The contest is open to students from Grade 4 through high school, and is also open to home school students. Navigate to the SBOMagazine page and click the “Essay Contest” link in the top menu bar to view the scholarship details. Students may also call (800) 964-5150 for more information.

Gretchen E. Van Roy Music Education Scholarship

The Gretchen E. Van Roy Music Education Scholarship is awarded yearly to a college junior majoring in Music Education at an accredited college or university. The scholarship is administered by the National Federation of Music Clubs, which also manages other grant and scholarship opportunities. Download the application form and view the details about this scholarship opportunity on the NFMC-Music.org website.

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